Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Plasma TVs are one of the most commonly used alternatives to the tradition CRT television. Plasma televisions utilize a newer technology that enable a crisper and clearer image without the weight and bulk of traditional CRT televisions. The same technology used in Plasma TVs is also used to produce crisp and clear displays for computers and other devices as well. The benefits of Plasma tv technology outweighs the benefits of traditional CRT TVs by far.

Before Plasma TVs were invented televisions were based upon CRT technology. lg smart tv 43 inch 4k CRT is an abbreviation for Cathode Ray Tube. CRT televisions function by firing a beam of negatively charged electrons inside of a glass tube which is housed on the inside of the television. Due to the method in which a CRT television functions it requires a large amount of space and is very difficult to increase the width of a CRT television without greatly increasing the size and weight.

Plasma televisions rely on a new technology which unlike CRT technology does not require the use of an electron gun to produce an image. Plasma televisions illuminate large quantities of very tiny dots inside the display to produce images. These tiny little dots are often referred to as pixels.

Inside a Plasma television a beam of high-powered electrons is used to light up the tiny dots (pixels). This process is not done with an electron gun as it is in the traditional CRT displays. The lack of a need for a bulk CRT gun greatly decreases both the size and weight of Plasma televisions.

Illuminating the tiny pixels inside the Plasma television produces an image on the screen. The pixels inside a Plasma tv is actually made up of three different fluorescent lights. Each of these three lights is a different color: one is red, one is blue and one is green. Plasma TVs vary the intensity of each of these three lights to produce an enormous range of colors.

Each fluorescent light inside a Plasma television is made up of a plasma. This plasma that makes up the fluorescent lights is how the Plasma television got its name. Plasma is a type of gas which acts as the central element of a fluorescent light (such as those found in Plasma TVs).

Typically a gas is made of particles that have neither a positive nor negative charge. This occurs when individual gas atoms have an equal number of protons and electrons. Positively charged protons are balanced out by the equally charged neutrons inside the atom. When electrical voltage is introduced to the gas the atoms become excited.

Xenon and Neon atoms are the two types used in Plasma TVs. When these two atoms become excited they produce ultraviolet light protons which are invisible to the human eye. These ultraviolet light protons produced by the excited Xenon and Neon atoms excite more light photos. These additional light photos produce visible light than can be seen by humans. The visible light produced is used to produce images on a Plasma TV. Using modern technology and science it is possible to produce clear and vibrant images on Plasma TVs without nearly us much space nor weight as traditional CRT televisions.

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